Talwar Group AS has an ambition to be the first choice in retail, hotel and restaurant for products in the High-End/Luxury segment. Talwar Group distributes different brands under its name and target customers that value quality and wants products that are unique.

Talwar Group distributes brands in the following segments:

  • Niche Fragrance Brands
    • BDK Parfums
    • Boadicea the Victorious
    • Electimuss London
    • Fragrance du Bois
    • Masque Milano
    • Milano Fragranze
    • Maison Rebatchi
    • Nishane
    • OmanLuxury
    • Roja Parfums
    • Rosendo Mateu
    • Stephane Humbert Lucas 777
    • The House of Oud (THoO)
  • Skincare Brands
    • Ilapothecary
    • Frame Cosmetics
  • Haircare Brands
    • More information coming soon

It is important that the brands we distribute has something to offer to the selected market and reinvents themselves when needed so that they are always among the market leaders in their segments.